Weeknight ride this week - Thurs. night 6pm

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter and family and friends. I've been looking at the weather ahead this week and it's a rollercoaster. So we are going to try a couple weeknight rides in-between the springwinter weather.

Thursday night 4/21 - 6pm @Hugo Subway on Hwy 61 - 25 mile 50/50 gravel ramble.

Blinky lights required - should be back by sunset at 8pm barring serious mechanicals.

Subway address is 5655 147th St N, Hugo, MN 55038

Route is 50% gravel, 50% paved. Main group will average 14-15mph.

We will wait until later in the week (Thurs) to make the call on a Saturday ride. Right now it's looking about as hopeful as me winning next years Paris-Roubaix.

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