Saturday May 7th - Lakeville ride

This Saturday we will be riding the Lakeville routes.

Start time: 8:00am

Parking: Lakeville Wal-Mart - Google Maps

Cost: Nada/free/zero zilch

Waiver: yes if you haven't already done so

Ride: Yes, bring your friends

Race: No

Cool waterbottles from HGG for sale: Yes, $17ea

Afterwards: Harry's Scratch kitchen has awesome food & drinks. Plan to stick around and patronize.


We have 3 routes for you to choose from based on your desire and availability. All of them start and end in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

They can be found on the Routes Files Page

The short route is 44 miles. No c-store on route but there is a Flying J on Hwy 19. You can see the icon on the RWGPS route. No cues will take you there so plan accordingly.

The medium route is 70 miles. This route takes you through the hills to Shieldsville, then north and east to Dundas. Then back to Lakeville through Chub Lake Wildlife Refuge.

The long route is 82 miles. This route takes you through Shieldsville then to Faribault before heading back north to Dundas and Lakeville.

Dundas water options:

  1. There is an outdoor water fountain at the Mill Towns State Trail at the intersection of Hester and Railway. There is an outdoor bathroom there.

  2. Memorial Park has a bathroom facility with water fountains. The long route goes right by this park.

  3. Off course is a Kwik Trip in case you need to bail or purchase food.

Faribault water options:

  1. Kwik Trip is on course for the long route on 2nd Ave. as we head north out of town.

  2. Other options as you enter town off the bike path as you pass by - say DQ?

When we pre-rode 10 miles of the course last week, the gravel was in fantastic shape. There were multiple lines. It was smooth and packed. The course will be fast.

However, I have not ridden the routes or driven them since last year, so rider beware. If there is a stretch of chunky gravel or a road closed, you will need to figure that out on the fly.

Weather finally looks to be turning the corner, should make for a fantastic day on the bike.

See you there.

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