Plan for Sat. May 28th - Sunrise North Recon ride

This week we will be doing a bit of a recon ride for the upcoming Sunrise Gravel Century happening next weekend, June 4th. Bonus points will be awarded for those who spot the bear rambling around Wild River St Pk.


We will be riding the May 28 - Sunrise North Recon route found in the Route Files page.

This route is about 60 miles long and is 50/50 gravel and asphalt. There is a bit of climbing on this route at 1,700ft. Plan for 4+hrs of ride time.

There are a few c-stores on the route in Shafer and Almelund if you need to stop.

If you would like to cut the route shorter I would suggest hanging a left at mile 23.5 on Cty Rd 16 and head west to Almelund to rejoin the route.

Start & Parking:

We are moving to our summer start time of 8am.

Please arrive by 7:45am so we can roll out on time.

We will be starting this ride in Scandia. Parking is abundant there but we will head out from Barton Johnson Memorial Park on Olinda & 209th


There are a couple diners in Scandia and Meister's has a nice outdoor patio with really good burgers. Plan to stick around and catch up with each other if your time allows.

Bike choice:

I have had a few people reach out to me asking about different bike choices. Although we are open to any and everyone who wants to ride with us, we have all switched over to the gravel road bikes. The gearing on MTBs and Fatbikes is ideal for climbing but is difficult to keep up with a 13-16mph pace without wearing you out with a high cadence. You are more than welcome, but we suggest making sure your friend will also be riding that style of bike as well.


We will likely have two or three paces of folks - expressos, mochas and cappuccinos, or whatever you want to call them. You will find your fit.

This is about sharing the love of gravel, training for events, and making new friends, not about whose the fastest among us.

The pace of the main group will average around 14-14.5mph. Even with the rain this week, this should be a very solid and fast route. We are not out to drop anyone or show off our egos. But some will ride faster, some will ride slower. You will likely find someone to ride with if you don't bring a buddy.

What you need to do before the ride:

1. Fill out the waiver if you haven't.

2. Download the route.

3. Print the cue sheet.

4. Check out the map.

If you are not familiar with the area, please see the FAQ section of the website here. At the bottom is a map that shows the general area. Please know the route, and your way back. This is a self-supported ride and we want to be sure you will return safely.

See you there!

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