Plan changed for Sat. 3/26 - Indoor Zwift ride instead

Updated: Mar 25

Well, we changed our minds. Collectively, we determined that we are sick of frozen toes and noses and would rather ride indoors tomorrow.

So, we will not be riding outside from Dunn Bros.

To join us, You can also reply to this or message or to Paula Volk on FB with your Zwift username so we can add you to the Hugo Gravel Group Zwift club.

We will ride Saturday at 9am and plan to be done in 2 hours.

All you will need to do is hop Zwift and start riding prior to the start time, and it will take you to the event automatically.

We also chat with each other while riding, using the Hugo Gravel Discord channel.

All you need is some bluetooth headphones with a microphone.

Click here to join the Discord channel:

Please join us. Should be fun!


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