Plan for Sat. 3/19

Well 'shoulder season' is here. This Saturday we will be riding outside. Get yer fenders on!


This week's suggested/planned route is the March 37mi route - updated 3/18 found in the Route Files page of the website. Click the link. to find it. I scouted this route on Thursday afternoon and it was passable. Some roads were nice and graded already. Some were potholed really badly. And some still had patches of ice on them.

This route is 60% paved and 40% gravel, so there is more tarmac on it than our typical routes and this should alleviate some of the extra wattage the spongey roads take out of us.

I am planning folks will bring their gravel road bike but if you want to bring your fatty, you certainly can. Fat bikes may not keep up with a group of riders on the paved sections, so bear that in mind and perhaps confirm with a friend they will bring their fat bike also.

Again, the route is a suggestion. If you want more miles, have at it. If you need to cut it short, that's great too.

Riding to the meet up is a great way to add extra miles.

Rider expectations:

Fill out the waiver if you haven't.

Download the route.

Print the cue sheet.

The weather will be cool , around 30 degreed but with nearly no wind. We will likely be out there for 2.5-3 hours. Dress accordingly. Wool and layers are great choices.

If you are not familiar with the area, please see the FAQ section of the website here. At the bottom is a map that shows the general area. Please know the route, and your way back. This is an self-supported ride and we want to be sure you will return safely.

C-store on the route.

The Big Marine C-Store on Manning Ave. is on the route around mile 27 for anyone who needs to stop and warm up, refill bottles/coffee, and use a bathroom.


We will likely have two or three paces of folks - expresso, mocha's and cappuccinos, or whatever you want to call them. You will find your fit. This is about sharing the love of gravel, training for events, and making new friends, not about whose the fastest among us.

The gravel will be spongey (if that's a word) which, depending on your tire choice, will make it roll much slower and take more watts out of you than you expect. In addition, the colder temperatures and your excitement to ride outdoors again, will make your lungs and legs burn, but in a good way. Plan for wet, muddy, sloppy, potholed, and generally junky roads. But really, they are not that bad, right?

Start is at 9am. Please arrive by 8:45am. Pre-ride talk a few minutes before we depart. Will depart on time. There is a bathroom and food in the Festival/Dunn Bros. coffee shop. Plan to stick around afterwards for a hot cup of coffee and share stories. We should be back around Noon. Click the link for Hugo Dunn bros. location

See you there!

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