2022 Hugo Gravel Group - January updates

Updated: Jan 28

Check out the new Hugo Gravel logo!

Our friend Phil over at Diversified Imprints came up with this updated look for our club. Check it out!

We love it. You will be seeing it soon on the new 2022 kit we have available to order soon. We are using Pactimo again for custom jersey, bibs, and more. We should have the online store soon.

The new logo spurred a cleanup and refresh of the website. The waiver submissions were wiped out so go to the waiver page and submit a new acknowledgement.

Ride Calendar for 2022

The weekly rides have been planned out through the end of June thus far. Starting in mid-February we will be riding Fat Bikes on Saturday mornings for 2 hours on the gravel roads around Hugo.

I'm not one to assume your level of risk and safety but for the past 3 years, many of us have managed on non-studded fat tires for these rides. The township or whomever maintains the gravel roads throws granite like granules on the roads weekly if there is ice buildup. So yeah, we go slower around the corners, but studs definitely slow down your average speed on these roads. They are actually quite nice. Packed hard, plenty of sand and grit for grip. It's quite a fast fun experience.

In March we switch over to gravel road bikes as the road conditions and temperatures improve. The average speed increases along with the size of most chainrings. Check out the Google calendar for the list of upcoming rides. You may have to flip to the next month to see the list of rides and locations.

Hugo Gravel Events

We are hosting a couple gravel events that you have come to love.

The 2022 running of LymeGrinder will be on Saturday April 9th. This will likely be the final year of the LymeGrinder as it is time to move onto more adventures and group rides and leave the stress of organizing events behind. More details need to be planned out for the LymeGrinder so please be patient and more info will be coming soon.

The Sunrise Century will be run again. This is a super fun, flat, fast 50/50 pavement and gravel ride from Hugo to Sunrise, MN. It features some nice rollers on Olinda and Redwing heading north just on the west side of Wild Mountain and through some 'state park' type roads completely covered in a canopy of trees. It's peaceful as long as you don't see the bears wandering around there.

Towards the end of June are a few out-of-the-metro and state gravel events. But like last year, we will keep riding our Hugo routes, and hopefully stretch our legs for those who want to 50, 70, or 85 miles some Saturdays.

Keep Informed.

This website and blog are the primary way to stay informed on what we are doing and when. It is my intention to inform you through the blog here and then share these posts to Facebook. I have found that many people are turning off Facebook except for clubs, events, and Marketplace. Some are totally off the platform so this website is intended to fill the gap and be the source of truth.

The best way for you to stay informed is to click the box on the waiver form to subscribe to this blog, or click the link to the blog page and at the top is a box to enter your e-mail address to subscribe. The e-mails come from which may be interpreted as a spam sender, so add it as a contact to ensure they land in your Inbox.

I am not a SEO/Social Media expert, nor a blogger or platform expert either so apologies in advance if you get multiple messages in one day or something. Don't let my ineptitude at that deter you from joining us for a ride. And if you know any of those above and are willing to share your expertise and time, let me know.

So with that please:

  1. Fill out the waiver acknowledgement.

  2. Check the box on the waiver form to subscribe to the blog

  3. Add to your e-mail contacts

  4. Check out the ride calendar on the Homepage (starts in Feb.)

  5. Mark your calendars for the LymeGrinder and Sunrise Century events

See you soon!

And look for more info about the new kit design coming later this week hopefully!



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