What do I need to do to ride?

First, fill out the Group ride waiver. Check the Files section & blog post on the website. 

Typically we post the bike, route, course file and meet up time on the blog and share to a Facebook post.

To be most successful in your ride we encourage everyone to use a GPS and download the file.

Review the map and the surrounding roads so you can have a bailout plan if needed.

What is a self-supported ride with a group?

A self-supported gravel ride meaning you need to be able to rely on yourself for nutrition, equipment, and navigation.

To be most successful we recommend downloading the route file to a GPS computer or printing out the cue sheet and bringing it with you. Additionally plan on enough water for the amount of time and conditions. Have spare tubes and tools onboard in case of a mechanical. One of the blessings of riding with the group is that we learn from each other and encourage each other.

If you are new to gravel, no worries. You will typically find others the same pace and make some new riding buddies and learn what it takes to be successful.

However, you need to be prepared to ride by yourself if that should happen.

Just like in those gravel events we love. 

If you bonk or need an escape route, you may be on your own.

How fast do riders typically go?

Depends on conditions, bike we're riding, and how many espressos we've had.

We generally have a wide variety of experience levels at each ride.

Some ride for performance and training gains, others ride for social reasons, everyone is welcome. 
Winter fatbike rides the core group avg. 10-12mph. Spring into summer the core group avg. 14-16mph. depending.

What kind of bike and tires do I need?

Ahh. the age old question for gravel cyclists.

Answer: it depends.

We ride Fat Bikes in Feb. and into March depending on the weather. We have found the roads are generally packed and have plenty of traction. Check the latest blog post for updates on road conditions. 
In March we switch to gravel road bikes. It is very flat where we ride and generally a 50/50 mix of pavement to gravel. 


Where do you meet up & when do I need to be there?

Please arrive 15 minutes before planned departure time.

To respect everyone's efforts to get there, some coming from quite a ways away, we leave on time.

The Dunn Bros. coffee in the Festival Foods store in Hugo.

Park in the back part of the parking lot. There is a bathroom in the Festival store and plenty of food and coffee. Click for Map

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Escape routes

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Escape routes

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