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About us

We are a self-supported group of independent riders who help each other become more experienced and confident in our individual gravel endeavors. From the very beginning our group started out as a place for gravel enthusiasts to come and share the love of riding gravel. As our group of regular riders has grown, our commitment to our original vision has become more steadfast.   

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Core Values

Adventure - We believe that riding gravel is a fun adventure no matter the speed or route.

Encouragement - We believe in speaking positively about others efforts, equipment, and goals.

Challenge - We believe overcoming the challenges of riding gravel builds perseverance and confidence. We help each other ride through those challenges. 

Camaraderie - We believe the experiences we share riding together bring us closer and teach us to trust one another.

Wisdom - We believe the lessons we learn from one another about riding help us achieve our goals.

Story - We believe each of us have a unique story to share and by doing so we make each other better people as well as better riders. 

What sets us apart?

Riding gravel can be intimidating. Riding with a cycling group can also be intimidating. 

We strive to make sure you have a great gravel riding experience, build your confidence, and encourage you in your riding goals. In addition, this group provides the opportunity to make friends, share stories, and learn from others. When you ride with us, you know we care, not just about your riding goals but about the challenges you are facing in life.


There is something very special about that. 


Back in 2017 Matt G-p and I were scheming and dreaming up gravel routes in the Hugo area that we could use as our testing ground for some of the gravel events we liked to take on. Almanzo, Dickie Scramble, Dirty Lemming, and others.  We figured we needed to try to replicate the self-supported kind of ride that we would experience on event day. We tried out different tires, brake pads, gearing combinations, and bikes. This was before gravel specific bikes and tires were around. Even before disc brakes were the norm. We even tried giving ourselves heat-stroke (not on purpose). Who knew how handy that would become! 

Over time, and some life changes later, it became evident that this, ‘fun’, needed to be shared with others. Surely others would want to meet to ride gravel roads, train for gravel events, and make a few friends along the way.