2022 Sunrise Gravel Century


Date: Saturday 9/10/2022


Location: Start and Finish at Hugo Dunn Bros. in the Festival Foods.


Time: Start Time 7:00am

Format: 100 mile gravel ride - not a race. This is a long gravel endurance ride to test your abilities.

Check-in: Will start around 6:30am. Official start will be 7am. Sign the online waiver for the group located here.

Check in at the tables outside of Dunn Bros. for give-aways. 

Route: This event is unsupported but there are plenty of convenience stores, parks, and biffys/portas along the route. The stores are noted on the RWGPS file.

             Convenience Stores along route:

                                       Mile 26 & 85 - Scandia Market, or SuperAmerica

                                       Mile 38 & 73 - BP Gas station in Shafer

                                       Mile 58 - baseball field - w/porta potty

                                       Mile 65 - Almelund Minnoco gas station

Route is about 60% gravel 40% paved. Fast rolling tires work great on this course as there is hardly any loose gravel/sand.

Large stretches of this route are in rural areas with horses, dogs, and other animals.

Portions of this route have been ridden many times without any issue.

As with any gravel ride, be prepared to deal with any and everything - dust, tractors, horses, dogs, oncoming traffic, etc.

Stick to the route, use your GPS, and stay mentally aware of your surroundings.

Respect homeowners properties.

Announce if you are approaching horses or people out walking.

Obey traffic rules.


Road etiquette reminders/notes: A few notes and reminders/disclaimers from the organizer that have to be said:

1. Obey all traffic laws.

2. Respect people's property.

3. Ride safely and within yourself.


Safety notes: Crossing Hwy 8 and 95 can be very dangerous. Traffic is moving at 55-65 mph. Consider coming to a complete stop and crossing perpendicularly to the road for the safest crossing. Other stretches of road have narrow shoulders. Single file riding should be exercised in those stretches.

Ride to the right side of the gravel roads, especially when ascending hills as oncoming traffic may not see you approaching.



   RWGPS link    Cue sheet .pdf       Garmin Connect link       Route .gpx file


Finish: The finish stretch takes you along Hwy 61/Hardwood Creek trail into Hugo and cuts over to the bike trail/Frenchman Rd. It is not intended to be a race, just a nice easy flat finish to Dunn Bros. After you finish stick around, buy some food and drink and stick around a while and chat.


Genesis & Shorter route options: The idea for this gravel century came out of conversations with riders in the club who thought it would be great to put together an approachable gravel century. 100miles is a long ways. It could be 8-9 hours on your bike. But here's a secret...you don't have to do all 100 miles to enjoy the fun of the event. Only one file will be posted as the official course but you can always figure a way to cut it short and do the distance your body and mind needs.

At Mile 24 you can turn left and rejoin the route to make a 40mile ride. Or you can head up to Scandia or Shafer and return via the same route.

This is not a race and there will be no podium. This is about challenging yourself and having fun. If that means doing 40 miles or 70 miles, that's awesome. Come out, have fun, make new biking friends.